About us

Diamond Profile LLC. was founded January, 2012 by Brandon Pugh, CSO and CFO, and Jacob Ralph, CTO and CMO. Diamond Profile LLC started from the idea of taking the conventional paper client book and creating a digital client book app. Today, Diamond Profile LLC. brings top level CRM software and high quality mobile applications to consumers and businesses around the world.

Our Mission

Diamond Profile LLC’s mission is to offer the best in customer relationship management software to our clients for the purpose of developing stronger relationships between our client and their customers thereby driving sales.

Our Team

Diamond Profile LLC's team has years of experience in a variety of software, computer, business, and sales skills covering a large specrum of software and business needs.


Diamond Profile LLC will develop and support customer relationship management software and applications customized to best assist our clients in developing meaningful relationships with current and potential customers and aligning with inventory to best drive sales and customer satisfaction.